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After the Storm


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In the late 1980’s I wandered the coastline of New England and found myself admiring this, the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. Many years later I was coaxed to draw a light giving regard to a long and narrow format by someone three thousand miles away. I’ve always been impressed by the vastness of the ocean and taken by the smell of the salt air. A rocky coastline, the fresh air as the storm rolls out to sea, the quiet solitude before the gulls return, the sea spray on my face, and the sounds of the ocean.

There are two sizes available, large and small. The large pieces are signed and numbered and can be purchased framed or print only. The small pieces are signed but not numbered and can be purchased framed or print only.

Large Framed:
Outside frame size 27” x 61 ¼” Original Sold
27” x 61 ¼” Limited Print $1200.00
Shipping prices for a large framed piece will be determined by destination zip code.
Large Print:
Image size “approx.” 11 ¾” x 46” Limited Print $150.00

Small Framed:
Outside frame size 14 ½” x 29 ½” Print $475.00

Small Print:
Image size “approx.” 5 ½” x 20” Print $40.00

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