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Once I lived in the state of Washington. Being there had greatly impacted my outlook on the people and land of this country. Washington has areas of great vastness and wilderness untamed. I once knew a lady who loved horses and showed me they are no more than a huge puppy dog. I became friends with horses immediately, and would like someday to have a chance to care for such a grand animal. I give my respect and dedicate this piece to Amy.

There are two sizes available, large and small. The large pieces are signed and numbered which can be purchased framed or print only. The small pieces are signed but not numbered Iris Giclee prints and can be purchased framed or print only.

Large Framed:
Outside frame size 24” x 27” Original $1800.00
24” x 27” Limited Print $300.00

Large Print:
Paper size 15” x 17” Limited Print $60.00

Small Framed:
Outside frame size 18 ¼” x 20 ¼” Print $230.00

Small Print:
Paper size (Giclee) 10 ½” x 12” Print $30.00

Greeting Cards:
Pack of ten with envelops
Blank interior –or- Christmas greeting;
“May the spirit of Christmas bring happiness and joy into your life and home.” $22.00

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