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February 16, 2013 – June 10, 2013.  An American Bald Eagle in flight and about to land on a tree branch.  This drawing shows an eagle in a mountain setting among mountain hemlock and dense fog. 

For any veteran to describe what it was like in combat is very difficult if not impossible.  I’ve used cold grey colors and made the background foggy to symbolize any past war or conflict.  The eagle, who represents any and all warriors, is coming out of the fog, out of the past, and is now coming home.  When I came home from Iraq after being struck by an improvised exploding device (I.E.D.) I did not feel I was home until I felt the wheels on the aircraft touchdown on American soil.  Thus I’ve drawn the eagle in flight and about ready to land.  The title “Inbound” is for those warriors who did and still are coming home.

In this piece I’d like to impress upon the viewer the feeling of returning home with all its emotions, and the dreamlike fog of a strange, distant, and hostile place, of our past.  I would also like to notice the honor of the warrior and beauty of our homeland by using warm colors and bringing the foreground into focus.

I am sincerely moved by this piece and it will serve to remind me why we defend our home and our freedoms.  I hope it will be a thank you to all those who have served.

There are two sizes available, large and small.  The large pieces are signed and numbered and can be purchased framed or print only.  The small pieces are signed but not numbered and can be purchased framed or print only.

Large Framed:

Outside frame size 27 ¾” x 30 ¾” Original $1595.00 Limited Print $650.00

Shipping prices for a large framed piece will be determined by destination zip code.

Large Print:

Image size  “approx.” 16 ½” x 20” Limited Print $150.00

Small Framed:

Outside frame size 17 ¼” x 19 ¾” Print $300.00

Small Print:

Image size  “approx.” 10 ¼” x 12 ½” Print $40.00

Greeting Cards:

Pack of ten with envelopes

Blank interiors  -or-  Christmas greetings:

“May the spirit of Christmas bring happiness and joy into your life and home.” $22.00

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