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Rachel’s Collection: Sugar Maples


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This particular drawing started with my fascination for nature’s detail.  It also began as a Christmas present for my niece.  Many children have collected the leaf for many years.  I thought I’d draw a collection of leaves of different species for her, thus the name Rachel’s Collection.  The leaf is not drawn anatomically correct but is rather an artist interpretation in realism.  As the piece neared finalization, text was added in a graphic nature to make the entire piece both beautiful and structured (such as nature).  I hope you enjoy “Sugar Maples” and the entire collection of Rachel’s.

There is only one size available.  The original is not for sale.  Prints can be purchased framed or unframed as follows.


Outside frame size 16”h  x 17”w Limited Print $215.00


Image size  “approx.” 9”h x 10”w Limited Print $60.00

Greeting Cards:

Pack of ten with envelopes

Blank interior  -or-  Christmas greetings

“May the spirit of Christmas bring happiness and joy into your life and home.” $22.00

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